1. Connect your data...
Create treemaps by referencing Google Spreadsheets, copying & pasting from Excel, or uploading CSV files.
2. Automatically configure your treemap...
Choose how you want to use each field or let HiveOnDemand analyze your data and choose for you.
3. You're ready to interact and explore!
Perform your analysis any way you choose using customizable filters, sliders, and information displays.
What is HiveOnDemand?
HiveOnDemand gives you the power of treemap visualizations in a convenient, interactive environment without the need to install applications, maintain servers, or license software.

HiveOnDemand offers rich visualization and analysis whenever and wherever you need it, giving you unparalleled flexibility and insight into your data.

No installation, no configuration, no hassle.

Quick Data Access
Connect to the most convenient data sources -- Google Spreadsheets, flat CSV files, and standard desktop spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel.
Customizable Filters
Choose which data fields are most important for your analysis, and create filters and sliders to help with your investigation.
Auto Configuration
As soon as your data source is connected, HiveOnDemand automatically configures a treemap based on an analysis of your data.
Powerful Visualization
Interactive treemap visualizations help users understand complex data with both high level overviews as well as fine-grained details -- all from a single, easy to use, easy to understand interface.
Image Snapshots
Save a snapshot of any treemap as an image, and share it with colleagues or add it to existing reports.
Instant Productivity
Connect your data and start analyzing your treemap in seconds.
* Free trial only applied to special offer. In addition to HiveOnDemand, The Hive Group offers a complete set of enterprise solutions
for highly-integrated systems, customized applications, and extranet deployments. Click here to learn more.